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These are times. Leaders, managers, bosses, the people in authority, and the themes related with these people are ruled by this sign. Performing arts, acting, entertainment venues like theatres are also ruled by Leo. When the eclipses occur in Leo, our desire for promotion to a managerial position, leadership and recognition is tested. Another feature related with Leo is the ability to speculate.

As a fire sign Leo displays the courage of taking risks and making attempts. Risk also brings us to Mars. If an eclipse is in contact with Mars, then the desire for taking risks increases. Consequently, seems to be a year in which people in leadership positions in their societies will manifest a more dominant and confident profile, will take risks, will take courageous actions and will want to display their strengths. According to H. Green, eclipses in fire signs may represent sensational events, turbulences in religious, cultural and social matters and wars.

Many disagreements and frictions between people are experienced. The armies may be mobilized, fires and diseases may increase, and crops and plants may get damaged. Traditional astrologers also made interpretations based on each ten degrees of signs which are called decanates. William Lilly, the famous British astrologer who lived in the Renaissance period, gives detailed information on eclipses in different decanates.

The lunar eclipse which will occur in the 22nd degree of Leo on February 11th, will take place in the last decanate of that sign. According to Lilly, Lunar eclipses in the last decanate of Leo represent that the people and the army would be open to innovations and a new governance model. The Solar Eclipse which will occur in the 28th degree of Leo on August 21st will also take place in the last ten degrees of this sign. Additionally, we are open to some managerial changes and reconstruction of governance models and some legal arrangements.

Turkey is also passing such a turning point which I will mention in the coming paragraphs. During the Lunar Eclipse on February 11th, Jupiter opposes Uranus, and Mars will be conjuncting this opposition by the end of February. In addition to those planets in fire signs, the JupiterUranus opposition will be further activated by Mars, we may come across some unexpected and explosive events and an imbalance in international relations.

This matches with the information given by traditional astrologers and invites social turbulences, chaos, disagreements, and a war atmosphere. Mars is again dominant by the Total Solar Eclipse on August 21st, conjuncting the North Node and standing oriental; it will therefore be very influencial. There will be again a Grand Trine in fire signs The. During this period, we will probably encounter dominant attitudes and a show of force between leaders.

Leaders who insist on one-man governance or bullheading will display such attitude more. On the platform of international relations, we can expect a highly sensitive period. The Eclipse conjuncts the fixed star Regulus possibly describing a strong desire for victory, power struggles, and vindictive behavior. When a Solar Eclipse is in conjunction with the North Node, there are unexpected opportunities for the leaders to attain power.

At this point, it is crucial to avoid the misuse of power. In addition to the Eclipse-Regulus conjunction, the MarsNorth Node conjunction may bring misuse or excessive use of force. The charts on the previous page depict these configurations. This means that will also be an important and remarkable year for Turks as Mars will be in Leo during the two eclipses in August this year. During summer months, when the Sun and Mars will be close to each other. This may describe that he will be more active in the new Presidency model.

According to William Lilly, eclipses in double-bodied signs Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces threaten the kings, princes and governors. We may assume that the Presidency model will raise a question mark and confusion. August and September particularly may show important fluctuations in economic and stock markets. The Eclipse in Pisces is subject to bring dramatic events for Turkey. During the coup attempt last summer on July 15th, Mr. Erdogan was under the danger of assassination and fortunately survived as he left his hotel Nodes represent cooperation.

With the Mars-North Node conjunction in Leo a potential cooperation between the leaders who want to gain more power may occur. On the other hand, Aquarius refers to pluralistic governance models where governance is more democratic than sole individual power. Aquarius rules inventions, developments in technology, space sciences, all technologies and tools that are used to advance society and foster progress. Solar and Lunar eclipses in Aquarius emphasize the above issues and promote equality and democracy.

We may witness outdated social models begin to change and undergo reforms. Aquarius represents the necessity to harmonize the old and the new and to build a bridge between the past and the future. Eclipses in Aquarius foster intellectual developments, new ideas, inventions, discoveries, and new and different information. It may also uncover some ancient knowledge that we knew before but have lost track of. Aquarius is related with personal freedom and human rights.

During eclipses in Aquarius, people want to express their opinions freely; civil rights, human rights and animal rights are emphasized. Aquarius operates on both individual and societal scale. The personal ego is. These strong winds also blow in human minds and consequently bring changes and. Eclipses in air signs invite us to make logical judgements and use common sense in making decisions. They are also related with social events. Possible problems in governments may arise, problems may occur in foreign relations, agreements and alliances may be questioned.

They are intellectually motivated. In a negative way, previous allies may part ways, people may change their minds and agreements be violated. As a result, appears to be a highly active and turbulent year in the political and social arena. The Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius may signify that the people and those with a more pluralistic vision will take action against the leaders who desire to impose their power and authority. To summarize, we may conclude that the eclipses in Leo on the North Node are. Will the Lunar eclipse in Aquarius on the South Node be enough of a force for those who possess a pluralistic approach and value diversity, equality, and liberty to make a difference?

We will have to wait and see… With love, light and hope! Green, Raphael, C. Whether this happens on an inclusive or exclusive basis remains to be seen. As the current North Node in Virgo-South Node in Pisces transit winds down, there is still opportunity to make sense of recent changes taking place in our world and decide how to personally be involved in any group efforts to shift the direction forward. Before looking at the possibilities and potentials with this new nodal axis transit, let us first consider the larger backdrop that our collective emotional evolutionary process is interacting with — the first quarter phase of Uranus in Aries to Pluto in Capricorn.

This could also be described as the battle between more liberal or inclusive principles versus conservative or exclusive principles. Both sides feel the insecurity of new Uranian upsets threatening to break down established Plutonian structures. Through this undercurrent, the LeoAquarius nodal axis transit will bring a mixture of revolutionary leaps forward as well as some traumatic paralysis causing us to maintain the status quo. Individually, The. Human religious distortions condition us to believe we are powerless and we tend to give our power away to this source, reinforcing a sense of victimization in this imperfect world.

How has the South Node in Pisces emotionally re-aligned your world? Victim or co-creator? The North Node in Virgo energizes us forward according to our perceptions. The woundedness of false or limited beliefs Pisces may lead to procrastinations, excuses, escapism, etc. Have you utilized your disillusionments and crises to understand the emotional and physical changes necessary in your world to move onward? Transiting Uranus in Aries by natal house will initiate new insights into this emotional past.

What old beliefs Pisces need to be released around these old traumatic wounds? The danger is becoming trapped in the intensity and distortions of the traumas. We can become stuck in our old patterns and beliefs, our story. We rapidly defend the past and fight against anything or anyone that threatens current securities. However, that is not how the consensus world operates.

Tomorrow is feared; the Uranian upsets manifest to the degree natural evolution is resisted, or natural laws are suppressed. For example, imagine this for a moment with regard to climate change denial. Aquarius is an archetype, via the fixed modality and air element, that also has us searching for a common mindset as an extension of security through its changes. This falls into three possibilities, and relates to emotionally comforting words — friendship, community, tribe, etc.

These individuals embrace change and follow through on their visionary insights. They sense the path forward in relation to the events of today and the effects of the past. Many times they are rejected by society as being wrong, or just plain weird. They feel the pressure of current regressive events and possible setbacks to their progressive nature. A second possible manifestation is the polar opposite — those who resist change the past as threatening to their current securities and societal structures.

Tomorrow will never be as good as yesterday. They either cannot see, or refuse to consider, that jobs lost to automation will not be. Now let us consider the continual unfoldment and understanding of our emotional or egoic past: South Node in Aquarius. This allows us to break free into a new sense of self: North Node in Leo.

This is the context that now gives way to the nodal axis in Leo-Aquarius for the next 18 months, with its corresponding eclipse highlights. Clues to the past will be found with our natal Uranus signature ruler of Aquarius by house and sign and their rulers, as well its aspects. Include activity with your natal.

This is the Saturnian effect to Uranian change. We have all heard some of our elders and consensus consciousness voice comments to this effect. The third possible mindset are those in the middle the present , swaying between moving forward and resisting it. They become influenced by the emotional triggers of their own insecurities. These people tend to decide the results of U. They may or may not objectively understand why their individual past is what it is, and what is required to change — for their own health, and the society they live in.

This may include an inability to objectively understand collective patterns, falsehoods, misinformation, biases, fake news, beliefs, etc. This is the real foundation to both the liberal and conservative populist movements currently taking place all over the world. Wow, this story remains to be written…. How will you choose to be involved as the transiting South Node in Aquarius unfolds and triggers your world? What are your unique North Node in Leo choices in exploring your talents and evolving role in society?

Real evolution is represented by the transiting North Node in Leo. Opportunities will depend directly upon our evolving sense of creative self-actualization in response to societal needs, rather than our own, and the evolving emotional courage to activate change accordingly. The clues moving forward will be found with our natal Sun signature ruler of Leo by house and sign and their rulers, as well its aspects. Include activity with your natal 5th House as well as the house cusp s that Leo rules. A common distortion with Leo is emotional insecurity that looks for safety outside of self rather than within.

This can be the incessant love affairs exploding in our face, versus learning to deeply self-love first. The The. Another Leo distortion is narcissism, everything and everyone revolves around me and my needs. Astrology looks at this as some type of arrested emotional development, the emotional self-reliance and maturation distortions of Cancer projected onto the next sign of Leo.

Perhaps the most famous example right now is the new U. We may also include the fact that both commonly-used July 4, charts am and pm, Philadelphia, PA have Moon in Aquarius, which represents the collective citizenry, especially its emotional security. Reflect for a moment on how the U. South Node in Aquarius will move over the natal U. Moon May-June, for the pm chart and November, for the am chart. Which side — inclusive versus exclusive — will prevail? It could easily take the first U. How can a nation of immigrants, who almost completely destroyed the native Indian people, now demand that further immigration become restrained?

Were the societal rules of the original Americans honored? Leonian — my way or. Who can objectively recognize it? The transiting nodal axis in LeoAquarius may take us down a class warfare path — racial, religious, sexual and gender inequalities, or my country is better than your country. It remains to be seen which groups are most motivated to act — inclusive or exclusive — and how interactions between the differing perspectives unfold.

The nodal axis transit will be most active around these themes during summer in the U. Evolving the archetype of Leo Sun, 5th House requires a sense of self that is grounded in self-love on a deep, inner basis. It includes an ability to recognize the life force within our self and to recognize and honor it in others as well. It is the same with creativity. We all have a role to play on the stage of life. Together we can create phenomenal change. Our living, breathing emotional connection to all species of life has the potential to be metamorphosed into new creative outlets as needed wherever we find ourselves on planet Earth through the transiting North Node in Leo.

As the Leo-Aquarius nodal axis transit evolves from the Virgo-Pisces transit, can we recognize the equality of all species and their equal right for consideration moving forward creatively? The potential is for an egoic or emotional metamorphosis on deep soul levels. The distortion is clinging to old security needs to be better, best than any other group. Many will face natural mortality lessons. For the most part, this generation received the best of the economic growth after WWII and collectively enjoy Social Security and Medicare benefits in the U. As the South Node in Aquarius passes over their natal Pluto polarity points evolutionary intent , will they recognize the need to share the collective wealth, or will it continue to The.

Will they privatize these public benefits, or worse yet dismantle them? Will they find the courage to make the necessary changes that ensure future generations also enjoy health and retirement securities? Much will be written about President Trump over the next four years. Is Trump more invested in his own ego on the throne of power or the good of the U. Time will tell, however the early indications do not look good.

This entire LeoAquarius nodal axis transit will shine a light on who Trump really is, and where his real alliances reside. Almost every. The transiting nodal axis in Leo-Aquarius may take us down a class warfare path — racial, religious, sexual and gender inequalities, or my country is better than your country. It may ignite massive public protests and energize both liberal and conservative mindsets as they realize just how much they were conned by all the financial elites. While President Trump read the electoral economic frustrations correctly, his solutions are firmly entrenched with Pluto in Capricorn control and exclusiveness.

It will remain to be seen if his egoic need to be noticed Leo will respond to the actual needs of the citizenry Aquarius. This time it is a technological explosion on a much larger magnitude than the last one, and is taking place on a global scale much more actively. Manufacturing jobs are not coming back; robots will replace humans at an increasingly faster pace. Multi-national corporations will do whatever they can get away with. Unless we invest in our real resource — humanity — many will continue to be left behind, and inequality may reach ridiculous new levels.

There are a lot of other astrological factors involved. This article focused upon the emerging emotional awareness of potential downfalls and opportunities of the Leo-Aquarius polarity. From the collective need — Aquarius — arises new creativity — Leo. Invoke the visionary qualities of Aquarius to show you how and where to shine your love and life force in the world.

It will take a global village to stand up for each and every one of us, including all species, on this small rock around the Sun. Her background includes experience in alternative healing and environmental politics. In Pluto continues its slow journey through Capricorn exposing the limitations of the Earth and pressing us to live more sustainably. In January this year Pluto has traveled degrees from its discovery position in Although Pluto has an orbit of years, its irregular cycle means it has traveled half the zodiac in just 87 years.

This suggests that humanity is set for an awakening in consciousness with more awareness of the processes and cycles that affect all life on Earth. It suggests we are confronting karmic forces that were laid down in the s. Like last year, has very little in the way of fixed energy. Until Jupiter moves into Scorpio in October , all planets from Jupiter outward continue to be in only mutable and cardinal signs. This two year period from September to October is the longest possible period without anything in the way of fixed energy since We are likely therefore to continue to experience a lack of stability and frequent stops, starts and direction changes.

The conjunction of Uranus and Eris has been very unsettling and unpredictable and there will be one final hit of this union in early , so we have yet more surprises in store. Saturn continues through Sagittarius this year but notably will cross the threshold into its own sign Capricorn in December just two days before the Sun. The passage of time and our relationships to it will become more crucial and critical with Saturn joining Pluto in Capricorn over coming years. The limitations of the Earth and our collective footprint are likely to become more apparent. The Rooster is a dynamic sign possessing a resilient and determined nature.

Fire Rooster years are action packed, when much can be achieved through hard work, tenacity and risk taking, but the Chinese Rooster can be somewhat self-absorbed and insular and like real roosters who strut around in the barn yard, egos can run amok if we allow them to when the Rooster is crowing. Venus and Mars will rendezvous just once in October Mars is direct all year but Venus will be retrograde from early March until mid-April.

When Venus is retrograde she asks us to consider how well our lives reflect our core values. This is the perfect time to re-evaluate our priorities and commitments. Compromises sometimes take us away from our centre, but when Venus is retrograde and close to the Earth we can re-engage with the most important aspects of life. A few days after this eclipse, transiting Saturn will station at 21SG11 exactly on his Moon and therefore also be opposite his Sun and on his nodal axis.

Watch for key Saturnian developments in the US when this August eclipse and accompanying Saturn station. Watch for key Saturnian developments in the US when the August eclipse and accompanying Saturn station. This tricky arrangement could test relationships, especially because Venus is retrograde. We may find ourselves in situations where we have to maintain harmony, even though we disagree strongly with what others are saying, or doing. Semi-sextiles challenge us to be more tolerant of those who differ from us.

Ultimately, Venus will help us decide that our loyalty is to our principles and will guide us towards worthwhile connections with those who share our standards and values. But with the Moon and Saturn in a very tight conjunction, any lack of support will be keenly felt. Relationships that do not meet our expectations could leave us feeling empty, but if we stick to our values, more worthwhile connections will soon develop. The Moon and Venus are shining beautifully together in Taurus in the pre-dawn light. This is a bountiful and peaceful combination that promotes harmony and love.

Emotionally, this chart suggests a heartfelt experience that helps us release that past and move forward with a feeling of contentment. If we listen closely, this Solstice will guide us towards peace and fulfillment. The seasons shift once more as the Sun crosses the celestial equator, heading southward.

Libra symbolises the exact balance and equality between day and night, yang and yin, or two people in a relationship. Mars and Mercury oppose Neptune and Venus will do likewise soon after this Equinox. Sometimes communication can become clouded by expectations and our desire to belong, resulting in imbalance. Jupiter and the Moon are close allies now too, opposing Uranus, so freedom to be ourselves is paramount.

This chart reminds us that relationship harmony cannot be attained by repressing our individuality and forever trying to please others. Adjustments may be necessary to reach consensus. Saturn and the Sun begin a new cycle together as they shift into Capricorn. With the lord of time in its own sign, time is ticking more loudly. An alarm is awakening us to the dawn of a new reality. Saturn represents the structure of our world, its systems, governments and corporations and how we manage time. Above all, Capricorn asks us to behave ethically.

The corruption that was exposed with the GFC when Pluto crossed this same point in will again be in focus. Over the next two years Saturn and Pluto will fundamentally transform the structures of our world that are crying out for reform. Karmic forces are sure to come home to roost. Saturn will remain in Capricorn until The planet Jupiter which symbolizes abundance, good luck, venturing into the unknown, positive outcomes and optimism will be opposed by the planet Uranus symbolizing spontaneous, unexpected events, flashes of insight, lightning bolts of change.

The planet Saturn, which symbolizes stability, discipline, and maintaining the status quo is in trine to Uranus which gives some stability to this very unstable situation. He is having a Jupiter return which is in his 2nd house of money so his being elected president is definitely helping his brand which is probably a major reason that he decided to seek the Presidency.

Jupiter will be in trine to his Sun at the time of his inauguration and sextile his Moon so it seems positive for his financial situation. Saturn will be right on his Moon and opposing his Sun as ends and begins which I think indicates his realization that the job of governing is a lot more difficult and complex than running a campaign. With the Uranus opposing his Jupiter, I think he will be experiencing a lot of unexpected consequences of being the President elect and it will be a sobering time which I think has already begun.

I only hope he can rise to the challenge and it seems that these aspects bode favorably for him being able to do that. Another positive aspect for Trump is that Saturn will be in trine to his Mars throughout , beginning in February ,which should provide some focused energy. The time that concerns me the most is in September when Jupiter at 27 degrees of Libra will be opposing Uranus at 27 degrees of Aries and forming a T-square. Since Pluto is associated with Plutonium and the invention of the Atomic Bomb I hope that Trump does not do anything rash and impulsive during this time.

Tweeting is fine but setting off a nuclear bomb is not. However, it. We can only hope and pray for the best. It will end in the year with the Water Pig. Following the Year of the Chinese Monkey which took us on a roller coaster ride, hopping from branch to branch, we continue a fiery activation through the colorful Sun Greeting bird in the course of We can expect a continuation of creative, but volatile and scattered energy.

The Rooster being the sign of dawn and awakening, it can bring triumph. It is a sign of both dominance and activism, where the need for honesty drives people into fierce debates. In the Chinese system fire challenges the Metal element both naturally associated with Rooster and Monkey so and are somehow connected and that means that problems and issues that emerged up this year and the next year may have similar tones. It is related to religious and spiritual leadership. So we may want to smartly decide what we are most passionate about and what we believe, and maybe embark on an adventure.

We might have claimed outwardly who we were and what beliefs we had. It is more related to human life and more useful. Celebrate the New Year of the Rooster greeting the Sunrise loudly and proudly. Fry yourself sunny side up eggs, wearing hackle rooster feathers. Get yourself a couple of pretty hens and enjoy organic eggs all year long! The Chinese Astrology Cycle consists of all 12 signs going through the 5 elements, for a total of 60 years.

The current cycle. In this Yin year we have to continue what we started and decide how to transform the passion sometimes anger into organized action and deal with the unresolved practical and emotional concerns. These issues could be more subtle and require more patience and wisdom, but we should not forget the the danger and create a practical plan which we test with cautious action. Predictive astrology provides us with the time frame and answers the question WHEN it will happen.

However, the goal of karmic astrology is much deeper, because it should reveal the purpose of an invisible link stretching between various incarnations of the same soul. Therefore, the karmic astrologer should provide the answer to the question WHY something is happening now. He describes how to trace the karmic history of past lives and how to read this information.

About Lucia Lu: I am a Chinese Western astrologer and not truly versed into Chinese Astrology, though I do have some knowledge about it, and have learned the basics. This short description of the Rooster year is an evolutionary approach based on general understanding of the elements of the year.

The four gates of karma are the elements — Earth, Air, Water, Fire. Fire and Air signs are masculine and show a role of taking action. Water and Earth signs are feminine and show the necessity of accepting what life brings. This underlying concept is applied to all the various ways of looking at the chart with an eye to understanding past lives. These methods are the twelfth house, the fifth house, the last conjunction of the Moon, Saturn, planetary aspects to the nodal axis, separating aspects of 1 degree orb, and the Duad chart.

By assigning houses to different past lives, and using the system of derivative houses, he turns the chart into a kaleidoscope that gives up its hidden meanings with each twist of the wheel. Aleksandar brings original thoughts to the meaning of the nodes. He examines the nodes placement in houses, in signs, the rulers of both nodes, as well as. The book is worth reading just for this section on the nodes.

He brings up the idea of looking at the chart of this life as the middle of a continuum. The structure of life and the Universe is such that everything is contained within everything. Therefore, all the time that has passed and that will ever follow is already contained within the present.

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One has to examine the houses that relate to the past life, the current one, and the next life. If a planet has a one degree separating orb, it describes the previous life, if it is a two-degree orb, it is the life before the previous one. He discusses karmic directions of one degree equals one lifetime. An original idea is that of karmic progressions and how through mathematical calculations one can find a date when an important event happened in the past.

This is a book you want to own so that you can write in it. The only suggestion I have is that I found the example charts are small and difficult to read. She reveals herself both as an evening star and a morning star. Look up early evening and sometimes you will find her, gorgeous in the West just after sunset. Over time she disappears, retreats and reemerges in the early morning sky, rising in the East. Venus is the brightest object shining in the sky after the Sun and the Moon.

Listen to her. She may be speaking to you softy, or radically raging for you to pay attention to what is important. All matters of the heart are in your face during the 40 day Venus Retrograde cycle. Notice your emotional space just before, during and after a Venus cycle. This is a symbolic time to retract, retreat and reflect. Venus is the goddess of love, art and beauty.

In modern astrology, the Venus position illuminates how we place priorities in relationship and gives clues to innate desires and values. The Venus retrograde cycle is symbolic of exploring the inner feminine, and offers an opportunity to explore inner worlds. When a planet changes direction in its statios retrograde or direct, astrologers say there is more power with this planet.

Just like an acupuncture session aligning the meridians on your body, a station or retrograde planet energizes a particular region of the sky and your personal birth chart. Of all the planets, the Venus retrograde is the rarest. The Venus retrograde cycle is approximately 40 to 44 days every 18 — 19 months or so. Forty is a sacred number in various traditions.

There are biblical sto-. In the mystical Kabbalah, 40 is the number of fruition, birth and abundance. Interesting that there are 40 days of Venus retrograde and it takes 40 weeks for a child to grow in the womb. Imagine the 40 days of Venus retrograde as a hologram. If each day were a week, it could represent 40 weeks in the womb. What aspect of yourself would you rebirth during this time? In modern astrology, Venus represents the inner feminine, money matters and what you innately value.

The Venus position in a personal birth chart illuminates what we value in relationship.

Sun Signs Moon Signs: An Astrological Guide to Your Secret Self

What Does Retrograde Mean? What does it mean when a planet goes retrograde? A retrograde cycle is an optic illusion. From our view on Earth, the planet appears to stay still in the sky, then apparently moves backwards against the. She gives clues to our innate desires. A transit of Venus retrograde in the current sky story represents going deeper within, a time to reconsider priorities. Remember, retrogrades are inward times.

Reflection rather than reaction is required. If the planets were characters in a play, they would interact in unique conversations as Venus engages on her retrograde journey. During this upcoming cycle, Venus in Aries will start off in T-square with other cardinal planets, then when in Pisces, she squares off with Saturn. These planets all square off to powerful Pluto at 18 Capricorn. So many planets in a Cardinal T-square at the start of this Venus Retrograde gives an added emphasis on inner transformation.

Take a deep look at how you show up in relationships. You may surprise yourself or someone new may come your way during this time!

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At the end of the cycle, Venus stations direct on April During this week, Saturn in Sagittarius squares off to Venus in Pisces. Saturn supports commitment, there is an invitation to dive deeper with people, projects or plans you truly love. During Venus retrograde, there is an opportunity to explore inner worlds. Take some time out just for you. This Venus retrograde begins in Aries and retreats into Pisces. How have I defended my heart?

What is worth fighting for? What have I sacrificed for love? How can I assert my individuality while maintaining compassionate connection with others? Throughout the Venus retrograde cycle, notice where Venus aspects your personal astrology chart by sign and house placement. In general, Venus retrograde times offer an opportunity to simply stop, take a step back and have some breathing room.

Reflect on the possibilities of reinventing yourself! She holistically integrates astrology, massage and energy healing bodywork in her private practice. A deep connection to land, sea and sky brings a passionate and practical approach to her consultations and classes. She holds a BA in Psychology and embodies years of professional experience with intuitive wisdom.

Find featured articles by Kathryn Andren at www. Bonus material. Heavenly Haiku for Venus Retrograde: leave me for the Sun can I see you one more day these tender meetings journey of Venus preparing for underworld love light disappears rushing toward the Sun descent into darkness Venus paradox. Global Warming, the acidification of oceans, plastic pollution, and excessive fishing have already decimated ocean life, posing an immediate threat to the future of our existence as we know it. Neptune causes bankruptcies to the fields associated with the signs it travels through. Now in Pisces, the sign that represents the source.

Sun Signs Moon Signs

Flint, a city with a majority of low income African Americans and notoriously labeled as one of the most dangerous cities in the United States due to escalating crime rates, had its water supply redirected from the safe conduits of Lake Huron to the Flint River to cut on expenses. Saving a few bucks was apparently prioritized over the catastrophic health hazard caused by corroding pipes leaking extremely high levels of lead, a heavy neurotoxin, into drinking water supplies.

The chart of the emergency declaration shows the Sun in Capricorn. Soon after, in April , the Standing Rock protest movement began, an effort led by Native Americans of the Sioux tribe to oppose the crossing of the Dakota Access Pipeline under the Missouri River on the edge of their protected land and water supplies.

The protestors began to gain widespread support around the month of September when videos of brutal police force use against them began circulating and raising more awareness on the cause. The threat of a harsh North Dakotan winter did not discourage land and water protectors and activists in their resistance but instead stimulated greater support across the world. Early in December, a group of US veterans signed a declaration of their support for the Sioux cause, opposing the pipeline course and denouncing the brutality of police forces.

Many of them came to Standing Rock to stand between activists and the police force as a gesture of solidarity, sending a message of zero tolerance toward such injustice. The first week of December was significantly eventful as the Army Corps denied the Dakota Pipeline necessary permits to advance the project and sided with the Sioux movement. On December 5th, an extraordinary event occurred when the veterans, among them Wes Clark Jr, the son of retired U. We came. We fought you.

We took your land. We signed treaties that we broke. We stole minerals from your sacred hills. We blasted the faces of our presidents onto your sacred mountain. When we took still more land and then we took your children and then we tried to make your language and we tried to eliminate your language that God gave you, and the Creator gave you.

We are at your service and we beg for your forgiveness. She spoke of a Karmic resolution between the massacre and the gesture of forgiveness, and indeed, Astrology is speaking out loud about the resonance of these two events. Moreover, the Sun of Forgiveness Chart stands exactly on the South Node of Wounded Knee, indicating a revisiting and recognition of the massacre event. The Suns in both charts happen to conjunct Asteroid Juno. Saturn is associated with Karmic events and the need for realignment, correction, and Karmic consequences.

This graphic Saturnian configuration shows how heavy the Karmic weight of Wounded Knee has been, and how this gesture of forgiveness plays a significant role in the effort of realignment. But my mentor who has been with me since day two is Gary Zyla. Email: youngestdonna gmail.

I have a new worst thing every day. You never tried…. Playing with my dog, passengering in the Harley side car with my beau, staying up all night talking with my sisters, camping, road trips Your animal totem? There have been many others along the. Probably Rob Hand. Gemini rising. Libra moon. How could I possibly pick a favourite? The ephemeris. What do you feel is your greatest accomplishment to date in your astrology career? I think the thing I. It started with an idea three of us had that we should get together to exchange ideas and hone our craft on a regular basis, and has evolved into a monthly gathering at a community centre.

Next year more than half of our scheduled talks will be from people who are speaking to the group for the first time! When I first started studying astrology, there were no Astrology groups in Calgary. Once we were finished with our introductory classes, there was nowhere to go to speak the language. The more people who know and appreciate what we do, the more respected Astrology will be as a profession. Calculating a chart by hand takes more time, to be sure.

And if you want to look at the chart in several different ways, it would make client prep work more arduous. But I would argue that the knowledge that comes from being able to calculate a chart by hand provides much greater insight than would come from jumping in ready to delineate without this comprehension. Basic astronomy from an astrological perspective becomes clearer, the effect of planetary speed, retrogrades, and aspect relationships suddenly make more sense. The reasons behind some of the basic house systems become more obvious. Additionally, when you are drawing out a chart one planet at a time, you are connecting to the nature of those planets as you work your way through the process.

Many people are intimidated by the idea of calculating a chart by hand. And indeed, the idea that this is necessary for certification is contentious with many. Why go through this tedious process when we. From a holistic perspective, you become much more integrated with the chart, and therefore the person.

I asked astrologer pal Andrea Gehrz her favourite thing about the process. Her response was that she liked to watch the chart unfold one piece at a time. That, and the ability to choose her own colour palette. There is more feeling to the chart. Taking the time to create your own hand drawn chart is a great way to integrate the right and left sides of the brain.

And you can direct emphasis to important planets. The education you received in elementary school is enough to get you there. The best thing about me is my total dedication to my astrological practice and my clients. Yet most of our clients come to us to unlock what might be a stagnant situation in their lives. This is an ideal track to better understand predictive work and yes, it will even show how we astrologers failed to predict the outcome of the US Elections To sustain a successful astrology practice for over 50 years internationally, teaching, lecturing, and consulting.

Where do you live and practice? Over the course of 12 plus hours, we will review the fundamental building blocks of astrology and chart analysis. An 80 page study guide, class recordings and PowerPoint slides will be used and available to students for their future reference. Spiritual orientation — Do you follow any specific practice? Philosophy and Theology minors. Love a good ritual, great music and inspiring sermons.

Generally go to places that offer these currently a Unitarian or a Jesuit service. Meditation daily usually. Jungian dream interpretation. Trained in Celtic White Magic and Reiki. Work, talk and use the angelic realms in my astrology practice. Worst: Over-committing and running behind on deliverables. Best: Try, try again! You never tried… Jumping out of a plane. What is playtime for you? Laughing and having adventures with friends. Reading a good book in my big green chair with a cat on my lap.

Your animal totem? Your superstition? Fast Karma Return Feedback Loop. I pay attention to the rule of three all the time. What I put out there comes back fast and sharp, threefold. So I put out stuff I want back three fold. Your Chinese sign and element? Wood Horse. I know Horse Women are stubborn, hard to control and tame but very accomplished in what they like or choose to do. Story of my life!! Your favorite place on earth? My bed. A beach. Your Astrology teachers? I have 9 stuffed bookcases and attend every Astrology conference I can to learn from all.

Your Astrology hero? Eileen McCabe. Eric Francis. Liz Greene Saturn any Liz Greene book. Training many excellent astrologers! Anne C. Ortelee has a thriving astrology consulting practice where she uses an array of eastern and western astrological approaches. She is dedicated to helping people find practical ways to work with the unique energies in their charts. Anne is the Treasurer of OPA. Anne writes articles, speaks, publishes a Weekly Weather column, periodic newsletter, teaches webinars and hosts three weekly internet radio shows.

Find everything at www. I have synthesized astrology with intuition, spirituality and healing modalities so that I have my own unique astrosynthesis philosophy that helps clients truly heal their lives and connect to their soul path. Worst thing is that I am endlessly taking on too much, professing to wish for balance. Mineral springs, snorkeling, bathtub Your animal totem? Polar bear Your superstition? Not very superstitious Your Chinese sign and element? Wood Horse Your favorite place on earth? South of France. Your chart April 1, , am, Hamilton, Ontario Canada.

Despite your best efforts to walk around that pothole in the road, you still fall in every time. Or if you are a consulting astrologer and explain a hard aspect, say a Neptune square Venus, although the client agrees that yes, you are right, they still fall for unavailable partners, literally falling into the pothole of love!

Astrology not only facilitates awareness and insight, it can lead to grounded healing and true change. Astrology describes our dilemmas—and—it also illuminates a very clear healing path forward. We can use astrology to synthesize complex parts of our inner selves into more wholeness, what I call Astrosynthesis.

These intense shadow parts are always described by the hard aspects and intense planetary configurations in the chart. Astrological synthesis is actually the key to spiritual awakening. To do this, first we must be able to analyze a chart with clarity—to connect to the forest of core issues and not get lost describing each tree leaf. This will be our first step. No matter what style of astrology you practice, if you attend my Healing Power. This is not so! We will cultivate empathy and compassion. We will learn to get out of our heads and draw the client into a deeper felt experience while we hold safe emotional space.

In OPA retreat tracks, each person gets an opportunity to work with a chart in front of the group. If you are more of an astrology student at this point, you can practice one aspect of an analysis or a consulting skill that you feel ready for. Thank you! Email: wisearlan gmail. I was born and raised Jewish. I pray in four languages. I am shy. Sometimes my Pisces rising makes me feel invisible and I fade into the background. I can set a goal and achieve it. My Pisces rising lets me adapt to any situation with comfort.

You never tried… I never tried bungee jumping. My playtime is curling up in a comfy chair with a cat and a good book and reading for hours. I love dogs and cats and horses and can communicate with them. My superstition is tossing salt over my shoulder when I spill some.

Wood Rooster Your favorite place on earth? My favorite place on Earth is Southern India. I also love Iceland. Your chart I am a Sun-Pluto 5th house. I am a shape-shifting Pisces rising with a 12th house Aquarius moon, which is why I live on an island. I have 5 air planets, and 5 planets and all 4 angles in mutable signs. Mercury in Virgo ties with the Sun in Leo for final dispositor. I was my first teacher.

I remembered astrology in dreams. It is not fair to ask me to name my three favorite books — I love so many of them. Of course, the Ephemeris is number one. I was president of OPA for two terms during its formative years. My most recent achievement was giving a writing workshop at the British Astrological Association conference this past September. It was a break in tradition to have an experiential class in the middle of the conference.

I did it and got great feedback. We encourage you to make friends with your Mercury as you go through these three days writing the assignments I give you, reading what you wrote, and listening to constructive feedback from the other group members. When not writing, we look at charts of authors, at your own chart, and the charts of your class mates, with an eye to seeing why people write what they write. I read from authors who have cool things to say about writing.

We discuss your future writing projects and encourage you to make them happen and urge you to complete the half-finished ones. This track is open to all levels. All you need is a basic understanding of astrology and a willingness to be creative. She was direct, inspiring, and articulate. I hope she continues to have the writing track in the future I now know I chose the correct track for myself and am certain I will leave here a better writer. My fellow group mates also assisted as we all cheered each other on and began to write.

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Learn More - opens in a new window or tab. Related sponsored items Feedback on our suggestions - Related sponsored items. The Luminaries by Eleanor Catton. The Pledge by Friedrich Durrenmatt. Killing Floor by Lee Child. Almost gone. Maniac Magee by Jerry Spinelli. The Cuisines of Mexico by Diana Kennedy. The Now Habit by Neil A. The Industry of Souls by Martin Booth. Tea Breads and Coffeecakes by Elizabeth Alston.

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